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1850 - 1800

Prior to Adolf Anderssen's 1851 win in London, was about the period when the modern game, with the rules as we know them today, was just starting to emerge.

As the early 1800s evolved, a variety of Chess Clubs, books on Chess, as well as Chess Journals appeared, all of which helped to swiftly organize competitive Chess.

Chess Glossary - Who Invented Chess - Staunton

As mentioned, Howard Staunton, from England, was regarded as the best Chess Master between 1843 - 1851. England, with the focal point being London, also happened to be considered as the epicenter of the Chess movement from around this time.

Prior to London, it was deemed to be the French capital, Paris, that was the heartbeat of all things Chess. Judging by the leading Chess Masters, during the period of 1800 - 1850, you can see this pattern emerging between country domination and leading players:

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