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Chess History Guide - Who Invented Chess?So, how did modern Chess evolve? More to the point: "Who Invented Chess?"

It's probably difficult to know precisely who made the first attempts at developing this game of strategy and tactics ...

But, as it's steeped in war and battle and, together with piece characters like the King, the Queen, Knights and Bishops, together with castle towers (Rooks) and the common foot soldiers (Pawns) ...

It's likely to be someone - or a group of people - whose life was closely linked to both nobility and the military.

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To get closer to the answer of who invented the game of chess, let's start with where we're at today and work backwards, with what historical records have compiled ...
  1. Present - 1924 (page 2)

  2. 1924 - 1850 (page 3)

  3. 1850 - 1800 (page 4)

  4. 1800 - 1575 (page 5)

  5. 1575 - 1000 (page 6)

  6. 1000 - 500 (page 7)

  7. Conclusion (page 8)

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