The Chess Time Principle:
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The Chess Time Principle
[Gambit Openings Can Speed Up Development]

Gambit Openings Can
Speed Up Development

A Gambit Opening is a sequence, whereby a player deliberately seeks to sacrifice one of their Chess pieces ...

The Chess Piece ear-marked to be sacrificed, in practically all Gambits, is usually a Pawn and the purpose is to try to gain an advantage in development ...

If all goes to plan, the result of an opponent "Accepting" your Gambit offering, should be your side, somehow, benefiting by having better-placed material in a specific region of the Board ...

It would, then, take your opponent longer to mobilize troops into that same region - thus, it'd be YOU who possesses the Time Advantage.

A subsequent attack on the enemy's position is further compensation, for a successfully worked Gambit.

So, now you know the main reason for Gambits and their role in the Chess Time Principle.

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