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You know about the Basic Moves and Capturing done by Pawns and Pieces; you now want to know what Special Moves exist in Chess.

En Passant

En Passant is a special capturing maneuver amongst Pawns only. When a beginner suddenly finds one of their Pawns captured by En Passant, there can sometimes be a bit of bedlam, as they simply don't know this rule exists.

But it does and now you know it, so you can shut them up.

I've heard to two reasons for the creation of the En Passant rule:

First, it prevents a player from trying to avoid losing a Pawn, due to an enemy Pawn that's made it into their territory.

Second, it's meant to prevent the Chessboard becoming totally locked with Pawns in the Center.

Pawn Promotion

The second of the Special Chess Moves involves Pawns again. This time, the objective is Pawn Promotion.

With Pawn Promotion, if you manage to get one of your Pawns to any square on your opponent's back Rank (the row where their King starts each game), then you get to swap that Pawn and, in its place, put either a:

  • Knight;
  • Bishop;
  • Rook;
  • or Queen.

See the Recommended Links, below, for more on this special move.


Castling involves either one of your Rooks and your King ...

In one swift turn, you get to send your King to a safer location on the Board, while bringing the participating Rook in towards the center Files, where they'll be far more effective, than stuck on the outer edges of the Chessboard.

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