The Principle of Space and the Space Count System:
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The Principle Of Space &
The Space Count System
[The Principle of Space]

The Principle of Space

Take a look at the following image, which shows both sides in the midst of their development, during the Opening phase of a game ...

Beginners Chess Guide - Space Principle

You can see that, where there aren't pieces, there are areas of clear squares, or clear Space, right?

Okay, if you're a beginner ...

  • Given what you see, in your opinion, "does either player hold a positional advantage; or, are they both equal in development?"

How'd you get on?

Did you manage to come to any, definite conclusions?

It looks fairly balanced, doesn't it? ... Both sides seem to be equally developed in their own, respective ways:

  • Both sides have two active Knights, patrolling the Center.
  • Both sides have lost a central Pawn.
  • Both sides have lost a light-square Bishop.
  • Both sides have possession of their respective Queens.

You could also point to other factors, for advantage bragging-rights, which could favor either side:

  • You could say Black is better developed, with that Pawn claiming territory in the critical Small Center.

  • You could say White is better positioned, with the Queen observing the Small Center and backing up that Knight; while White's King is far more protected than Black's King AND White still retains the option to Castle, which Black's King, now, does NOT.

Hmmm ... Tricky, isn't it?

If you thought so - if you found it unclear and couldn't confidently determine who holds the greater positional advantage - then you're going to love the Space Count System ...

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