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You've heard about the Chess Game that uses Flash technology 'under the hood' and want to know where you can play it.

The actual game in question started out as Flash Chess III, which was a huge improvement over the game it replaced, called Flash Chess 3D (see Recommended Links, below).

Flash Chess III was available to play for 'free', online; or, you could slip the makers a cheeky tenner and download the premium version, which gave you more analytical features, plus a 2D Chessboard view.

For 2010, Flash Chess III got a superficial makeover and a bling new name: SparkChess.

SparkChess / Flash Chess III

Launch Spark Chess - a.k.a. Flash Chess III

Everything else, on the Free version, is as it was:

  • Gameplay - this is still very good, considering it's free;

  • 3 Difficulty Settings - Beginner, Casual, Advanced;

  • Visual Aid - available / legal squares become highlighted with a green glow;

  • Save & Load - providing you're on the same computer you can open any web browser, reload the last game you Saved and play from where you left off.

  • Undo - made a horlix of a move? Or want to try an alternative position? You can undo all the way back to the beginning, if you need to.

The following video clip gives you a quick tour of those aforementioned features:

Playing the 'free' version is a great way to learn the Basics of Chess (check out our Beginners Chess Guide - see Recommended Links, below); however, if you want to study the game more seriously, I picked up a copy of Fritz 12 and it certainly hasn't disappointed.

See the Recommended Links, if you still want to play Flash Chess III:

Recommended Links:

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