GW-KW, Point Count Chess Raw Discussion, File #8:
Part of the Advanced Beginner's Chess Guide (Section 2)

Game 3, KW's Major Digression,
7 Patterns You MUST KNOW for
Control of a Square

[Pattern #4]

(KW, June 25th) My advice to you is Know The Following 7 Patterns

Knowing When You Control A Square
- PATTERN #4 -

You need to determine whose move it is
(who will move to the square)
to determine Control

KW's Major Digression, Pattern 4, Diagram 3-7b
Diagram 3-7b
Black to move to e4.
Adding a Pawn at f5 does not help.

In diagram 3-7b, even with a Pawn at f5, supposedly balancing the table, Black still does not Control e4. The reason is, White has nothing to move to the square! Only Black has a Piece that can move to the square. The Pawn at f5 can only be counted once the exchange gets under way, as it can only move to e4 if there is something there!

So the Pawn at f5 does not count in the table if it is Black who lands on e4 first!

KW's Major Digression, Pattern 4, Diagram 3-7c
Diagram 3-7c
Black to move to e4.
Moving e5 to e4 will allow Black Control.

So if that does not work, suppose Black moves a pawn to e4 (as in diagram 3-7c)? Will that change the balance? Will Black then Control e4? That brings us to Pattern 5 (on the next page →)

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