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Kids Chess Guide - Teaser - Chess In SchoolsMost often, if it's ever played in schools, it's during lunchtime; it's the activity for those who don't like football during the break.

Here's something to ponder:

"Why isn't Chess on
all School Curriculums?"

Think about why parents send kids to school ... to develop reasoning; analytical thinking; resilience; problem solving; perseverance ...

All schools should be efficiently serving child development, equally, in two areas:

  1. Developing the physical body through exercise and sport;

  2. Developing the mind through subjects like maths, language/communication and the sciences.

Both areas mentioned require some form of thinking that Chess helps to nurture.

  • In sports: there's as much a requirement for analytical thought over tactics; what pass to make and when; who is better in which position; and maintaining focus even when in a losing position.

  • In physical development: the child needs to learn to plan and decide on the most suitable nutritional and exercise program that best suits their individual needs, at any given time.

  • In mind development subjects: think of the subjects that require logic and reasoning - maths and science, for instance ... they're two key subjects that, in addition, also require problem-solving, reasoning and an analytical mind.

Schools are used as tools by the Government and Industry for getting kids ready for working life - for jobs that require analysis of situations; strategic planning; risk assessment; crisis management ...

The game of Chess has some aspect of all of these, so why not take advantage of it?

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