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[Example 1]

Intermezzo, Example 1
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Intermezzo Tactic, Example 1Historical Game:
New York, 1857

The expected move: Black's d5-Pawn (red square) to capture White's Be4.

The Intermezzo: Black's Qd8 (yellow square) to h4 (green square).

The purpose: Black's Qh4, prevents White's f-Pawn from advancing, as it's caught in an Absolute Pin, or moving the Be4 (because of Qh4xf2#).

Intermezzo, Example 1
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Intermezzo, Example 1
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Historical Game:
Lichtenhein-Morphy, New York, 1857

Lichtenhein (White) has just used his active Bishop to capture Morphy's Knight, on e4 ...

He now expects Morphy (Black) to use his d-file Pawn to capture his Bishop (dxe4), for which White will follow up by Castling King-side (0-0).

Didn't turn out that way, though ...

Move 1, White makes an Intermezzo, sending his Queen to h4!

Black would, ideally, like to advance his f-file Pawn to f3, which would provide support for the Hanging Bishop ...

However, he cannot do this, as that Pawn is now Pinned, by Black's Queen, and must remain to protect his King!

But, there's even more trouble for White ...

If White attempts to move his Hanging Bishop, back to f3, he'll soon discover his fate, as Black's Queen, protected by her c5 Bishop, will capture White's f3 Pawn, resulting in a rather sudden "Checkmate".

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