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GW-KW, Point Count Chess
Raw Discussion,
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Advanced Beginners Chess Teaser gw-kw-f6Of all the thirty-three points covered by
H&M-S, in Point Count Chess, the two concepts I found most difficult to grasp proved to be "Weak-Square Complex"
and "Control of the Center".

I don't know why these were so problematic for me to understand ... they just were.

I felt theory (reading from the books and discussing them with Ken) would get me so far, but nowhere near as well as learning "through osmosis" - or, in other words, by seeing the examples in context, as we dissected some real games.

The focus turned to Control of the Center, which I was also referring to as "Center Domination" (through reading Yasser Seirawan's Winning Chess series of books, prior to Point Count Chess), simply because it's an issue that's faced immediately, at the start of each and every game, as the two armies develop through the Opening phase.

GW-KW - Point Count Chess - Raw Discussion [File #6]

Date: June 2nd-3rd 2011
A random Opening is discussed and dissected, in an attempt to understand Control of the Center, while also highlighting my current chess-brain's chronic lack of conditioning: "when I attempt to turn what I've read into practice - by playing openings against Fritz - ideas clash and progress grinds to a halt.".

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