GW-KW, Point Count Chess Raw Discussion, File #1:
Part of the Advanced Beginner's Chess Guide (Section 2)

GW-KW, Point Count Chess,
Raw Discussion, May 18th 2011,
What I Just Didn't Get,
[+] Mobile Pawn Wing

(GW) What I just didn't get ...

Mobile Pawn Wing

  • ? Don't understand this, yet.

Ken's Comments ...

On p. 72, 3rd paragraph, H&M-S state that in order to have a Mobile Pawn Wing count as a point, you must already have control of the center and superior development (which he gets to in chapter 15), on a small sector of the board (let's say black has only one Knight defending his castled King, no other pieces, and White has two piece trained on the quarter of the board where the Black King is, then you could count a point because Black could not mount a counterattack against you if you moved your pawns).

This is what is happening on p. 5, No. XB, where White's pawns are moving forward, because the center is now closed (and even if opened, White has enough firepower {Center Domination} to control the files and diagonals, thus has Center Control), yet White has potentially 5 pieces (Bc1, Qd1, Nh4, Rh1, and potentially Bc2) that can attack in the quadrant e8-e5-h5-h8, while Black does not have enough firepower to attack in the quadrant e1-e4-h4-h1 (he can't attack the king). Thus White decided to move his pawns (a Mobile Pawn Wing) to join in the attack. This would be a countable point, and why I said in my commentary on this position that "Mate is in the air". It is called a wing because it is taking place on either the right or left side of the board, the wing or flank.

We will cover a couple of other wrinkles on this when we get to chapter 6, but just reread the summary for now on p. 80, and if you get what I am trying to say, you should generally understand the concept. If not, I will find other examples in the book to show you.

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