Alexander Kotov's Five Pawn Centers, 4. The Mobile Center:
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Studying the Pawns
Kotov's Five Pawn Centers
[4. The Mobile Center]

Kotov's Five Pawn Centers
4. The Mobile Center
- Overview -

Kotov's Five Pawn Centers, 4. Mobile Center.This image shows the Center with a Mobile position.

Horowitz & Mott-Smith would likely refer to this as Two Against One In Center, with the advantage going to White, in this example situation (as seen, left).

Kotov says: "One side has two or more united pawns in the centre and endeavours to advance them."

What to do with a Mobile Center position...
  • Your first objective is to Control the Center.

  • With the Center under your control, seek to create a Passed Pawn and strive for its Promotion.

  • If the enemy prevent you creating that Passed Pawn, you may be able to switch strategies to attacking their King, as their troops will have become stretched while trying to stop your Pawn from becoming a Passer.

  • If your opponent gains the Mobile Center, your plan should be to Blockade the enemy Pawns, then develop your army so you can undermine and attack the blocked Pawns later on. Capture those stuck pawns, then dismantle the Center.

Kotov's Five Pawn Centers
4. The Mobile Center
- Example: From Creation to Gaining a Passed Pawn -

Reference: Chess Training for Budding Champions, p56

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