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One of the most well-known Pitfalls features in the Famous, game-winning sequence known as "Legall's Mate" (which is shown in the video, above).

A Pitfall is a type of Trap, whereby the Trap-setter plays a proactive role in coaxing the 'victim' to blunder into the Trap - the Trap-setter will play some sort of move that gives said victim "a chance to make the wrong move" ...

Pitfall Traps tend to rely on some sort of psychological factor - perhaps overconfidence in a certain position, or a particular Chess Tactic being employed.

This is seen in Legall's Mate, where Black initially assumes his Knight is immune from capture, by White's 'f3' Knight, due to the Pin on that White Knight, by Black's 'g5' Bishop ... White's Queen the Piece being protected by White's 'f3' Knight.

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