Easy Chess

Easy Chess is the title of two variations of the game of Chess, which can both be played over the Internet.

Here, on this page, we take a look at each game and let you decide which you prefer.

Version 1
By Ed Friedlander

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Chess Glossary - Easy Chess - FriedlanderIt's difficult to find a more simplistic Chess program than this creation, by Ed Friedlander ...

The game is in 2D format and you're able to select whether you wish to play against the Computer or a Human opponent ... Furthermore, you're able to choose which side you play - in this case, White or Red.

Once you've made your selection, you need to click the bold OKAY text, before you can begin playing.

Notice the 'ticks' above some of the pieces - these indicate which you're able to legally move, which a beginner may find useful.

Additionally, when you click on a piece, the squares that it can move to get their borders lit up in bright green.

As for the game play itself, you need to be concentrating, as the Computer's response is lightning-fast and it's easy to blink and miss that the Computer has made its move and now it's your turn.

This game can also be difficult to determine when Checkmate has occured - there's no message to indicate this and if you're unaware that it's happened is when you next click upon the board and it instantly changes back to a fresh setup ...

This can be a bit annoying, especially if you intended to study the board at the end of the game.

Oh, if you want to Undo a move, or two, just press "B" on your keyboard. That pretty much covers all you need to know, to get started with this version of Easy Chess.

Version 2
By James M. Burton

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First of all ... it's Brown. Some brown things are notably good - such as chocolate; other things are not, such as this version of Easy Chess, by James M. Burton.

Chess Glossary - Easy Chess - Burton 01

Getting past the color, you'll find the game play is alright, with the pieces gliding well across the board.

Chess Glossary - Easy Chess - Burton 02

When you go to select a piece, the a yellow border lights up around the square it's on, but you don't get any immediate illumination of your optional legal square moves ...

Only when you hover your piece over a square, within legal range, does its border light up - so, you kind of need to know the Basic Chess Moves of the pieces, prior to playing the game.

While still being brown, this Easy Chess game has a few more advanced features over Ed Friedlander's version ...

First being the Game Record, which uses a mangled style of Algebraic Chess Notation, to log moves made. It's not FIDE-strict Algebraic Notation, but you're able to see what square a piece moved from and where it moved to.

Chess Glossary - Easy Chess - Burton 04Plus, Burton's Notation gives a more descriptive message when a piece is captured or a King Castles, for instance.

A second feature is the 'Replay' button, toward the bottom-right corner. At any time, you can press this and you'll be able to watch the computer play back through all the moves made so far.

I liked that.

Chess Glossary - Easy Chess - Burton 03Another criticism - besides being brown - is the pieces themselves. Specifically, the Knight and Bishop ... I wasn't keen on the look of these pieces and felt they looked too similar to one another.

I didn't like having to apply that extra bit of concentration just to tell me what the pieces were.

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