The Discovered Attack, Example 2:
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The Discovered Attack
[Example 2]

The Discovered Attack, Example 2
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Discovered Attack, Example 2This image shows White's Bg3 about to move to d6, where it will attack Black's Nc5, while uncovering Rg2 for the Discovered Attack against Black's Ng6.

Incidentally, Ng6 will be caught by an Absolute Pin - this Knight won't be able move, as it guards Black's King (g8).

The Discovered Attack, Example 2
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The Discovered Attack, Example 2
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In this scenario, White initiates the attack with his Bishop, which threaten's Black's c5 Knight, from d6 ...

That move results in the Discovery, which reveals White's Rook attacking Black's other Knight, the one protecting the King.

Not only is this a "Discovered Attack", it's also a "Rook Pin Attack" ... Black's Knight cannot move, it's Pinned on its square, protecting the King, behind.

White will be able to capture Black's Nc5, freeing the a5-Pawn to continue its advance towards Promotion, on a8.

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