The Discovered Attack, Example 1:
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The Discovered Attack
[Example 1]

The Discovered Attack, Example 1
- Overview -

Discovered Attack, Example 1This image shows White's Qh1 currently covered-up by Ne4. But, as soon as
Ne4-f6+ is played, Qh1 becomes uncovered (or,
Dis-covered) and will be directly attacking Black's Rb7.

Being in check, Black will have to secure his King. Black can play Kg7 and be within striking-range of White's Nf6, but Black will lose the his Rook to Qxb7.

The Discovered Attack, Example 1
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The Discovered Attack, Example 1
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In this scenario, the attack is initiated by White's Knight, moving to f6, which puts Black's King in Check ... That's the first part ...

The second part is the Discovery - that move by White's Knight uncovers direct line of sight to Black's Rook, by White's Queen.

In this situation, Black cannot leave the King in Check, it must be moved, but the result will be that White's Queen can capture Black's more-valuable Rook. White can then shepherd his a-Pawn to Promotion (on a8, to gain a second Queen), before Black's g-Pawn can reach its Promotion square (g1).

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