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Keyword Query: Difference Between Queenside And Kingside Attack
You want to compare a Queenside attack against a Kingside attack.

For those that aren't yet familiar with the terms Kingside and Queenside, here's a quick explanation:


KQA - Chessboard - Queenside


KQA - Chessboard - Kingside


The Queenside is so called because this is the half of the Chessboard where both Queens start each game.


The Kingside, therefore, is the other half of the Chessboard, where both Kings start each game.

Knowing the split between Queenside and Kingside, we're able to understand that, for instance, a Knight that threatens to capture, say, a Bishop on the Queenside, is involved in a Queenside attack.

Scale things up, by adding more troops into the equation, you can determine the strength of an attack on either the Kingside or Queenside of the Chessboard.

You can see the Difference between Queenside and Kingside attack in the following game, between Levon Aronian (White) and Manfred Hermann (Black):

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