The Decoy Tactic, Example 3:
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The Decoy Tactic
[Example 3]

The Decoy Tactic, Example 3
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Decoy Tactic, Example 3Historical Game:
Dortmund, 1973

The ultimate target, for Black, in this scenario, is to capture White's Queen, on g5, with the current Nf4.

The Decoy move, planned by Black, will be Be7-g5, which aims to trap White's Queen, forcing her to capture Black's Bishop on g5, the Decoy square.

The objective is to shunt White's Queen into such a position that Black's Nf4 gets to attack both King and Queen in a Royal Fork, from h3. White will have to get the King out of Check, but loses his Queen to Nh3xg5.

The Decoy Tactic, Example 3
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The Decoy Tactic, Example 3
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Historical Game:
Paoli-U.Andersson, Dortmund, 1973

In this example, Andersson (Black) knows that if he can get White's Queen onto g5, his Knight is in place to leap onto h3 ...

From there, he'd have White's King and Queen in a Royal Fork - White's King would have to be moved, which would allow Black's Knight to capture White's Queen, on its subsequent turn.

Here's how it happened ...

Move 1, Black's Bishop plays its self-sacrificial part, by sliding down to g5 - this is the Decoy move.

Move 2, as White's Queen is Trapped, she reluctantly captures (x) Black's Bishop, on g5; Black's kNight then does its jumping thing, over and down, onto h3, which places White's King in "Check" (+).

Move 3, White MUST move the King to safety, which he does, to h1; Black takes advantage of that Royal Fork Attack and collects its reward, by sending his kNight to capture (x) White's Queen, on g5.

Sure, Black's Knight is a candidate for being captured, by White's e3 Bishop; but, an exchange of a Bishop (3 points) & a Knight (3), for a Queen (9), is a GOOD trade ...

That outcome sees Black "Winning The Exchange"

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