Clearance Sacrifice, Example 2:
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Clearance Sacrifice
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Clearance Sacrifice, Example 2
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Clearance Sacrifice, Example 2Historical Game:
USSR, 1936

This image shows the position before White decides to play a
Clearance Sacrifice, to
get rid of the Rook on g7, which is preventing
White's Checkmate win.

By moving the Rook to h7, Black's King would be forced to capture it (the sacrifice); but g7 will have been cleared for Qg7#.

Clearance Sacrifice, Example 2
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Clearance Sacrifice, Example 2
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Historical Game:
Lisitin-Zagoriansky, USSR, 1936

Lisitin (White) can see chance for victory by getting his Queen onto the g7 square, currently occupied by his Rook.

Here's how he settled the matter ...

Move 1, White makes his sacrificing Clearance move when he side-steps his Rook right, onto h7, which puts Black's King in "Check" (+) ...

Black has no other option but to use his King to capture (x) White's Rook, on h7.

Move 2, with the Rook now Cleared off, White is then able to march his Queen up to that g7 square, resulting in "Checkmate" (#).

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