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Clearance Sacrifice
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Clearance Sacrifice, Example 1
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Clearance Sacrifice, Example 1This image shows the position before White opts to play a Clearance Sacrifice, to get rid of White's Knight from b3 to c5; weaken Black's Queenside Pawns (they'll become Doubled on the c-file, following ...dxc5), then White's Queen can get closer to Black's King.

Clearance Sacrifice, Example 1
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Clearance Sacrifice, Example 1
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White's Knight begins this example on a square that, ideally, he'd prefer his Queen to be on. So ...

Move 1, White makes the sacrificial Clearance move of his kNight, to c5; Black finds it too tempting to leave on the board and uses his d-file Pawn to capture (x) the Knight, on c5.

Move 2, White's Queen now has free access to b3.

Black's King is now in trouble, what with White's Queen now restricting escape across the b-file, together with White's Rook, lurking on e7.

Clearance Sacrifice, Example 1
- Video Example 1 (UPDATE: 22nd Nov. 2012) -

When I originally published this Clearance example, I saw a way for the game to result in a draw by Perpetual Check. Here's what I put:

Black's Nc8 can capture White's Re7, preventing Checkmate via Qb3-b7#. With even less Pieces, following said loss of White's Rook, White's chances of victory would be slim, but a draw by Stalemate could be achieved by Perpetual Check (three repeated Checks, in this case, with the Queen).

But, not having developed a good enough chess-brain (aye, still!), I couldn't see a way to get convert White's position into a win.

However, it's only recently (21st Nov. 2012) been brought to my attention that White can Mate in 6 Moves. The credit for the following example goes to a friend to this website, going by the alias of "Zan Zibar":

Zan Zibar explains about his use of the notation (M6, M3, _M1, etc.), here: [+]Show

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