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Keyword Query: Choosing To Castle Queen Side Or King Side
You want to know whether it's better to Castle on the Kingside or the Queenside of the Board.

Castling switches the King and one of the Rooks and is done in order to quickly get the King to a more secure position.

Castling can be done on either the Kingside or the Queenside, but NOT both in the same game, by the same side. So, you must choose which side to Castle and not falter in your decision.

During the Opening phase of a game, your objective is to develop your army as quickly as possible, so you're in position and ready to do battle during the Middlegame phase.

In the modern game of Chess, Castling is often seen as an integral part of the Opening phase: Get your King to safety quickly, by Castling; then finish developing the remainder of your army.

The majority of players Castle on the Kingside because it's the quickest option ... You're only having to clear away a Knight and Bishop, prior to Castling.

However, in order to Castle on the Queenside, you must clear away a Knight, Bishop AND Queen, first. So, this option takes a little longer to get done.

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KEYWORD: Choosing To Castle Queen Side Or King Side
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