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You're looking for some sort of 'Chess Glossary', which provides quick answers to the different terms used in Chess.

Whenever you need to look up a term, related to Chess, your first port of call is our Chess Glossary:

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You'll find the Terms are grouped alphabetically, from A to Z, swiftly accesible via our a-to-z quick links:

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As for the entries themselves, the actual Term is in bold text, with a brief description of the Term's meaning, directly underneath.

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Wherever you see An Entry That Looks Like This, it's a link to an article, or more-detailed explanation, about that particular Term.

Should the entry-link Look Like This, it simply means you've already clicked through to visit the Term-related article.

Writing the entries was a chore and nudging the limits of boredom, so we enlisted the low-rent skills of the Chess Glossary Team, who decided to make it a bit more "interesting" than the usual, bog-standard efforts, in the furtive field of Chess Glossaries, to be found on the 'net.

We apologize, sort-of, if any of the entries stretch the boundaries of taste and decency, but the fellas came dirt-cheap.

A secondary option, for referencing Chess Terms, is our Keyword Q&A Index page ...

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... Basically, Googlers have Googled, Yahoos have Yahooed, and we've answered their search queries with an "educated guess".

Each Keyword Q&A article aims to briefly answer the searcher's query and then provides Recommended Links, to related information and/or more-detailed guides and articles, to do with whatever they were originally searching for.

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