Additional Chess Terminology:
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Additional Chess Terminology
Defensive-Play Terms


Blocking differs from a Blockade, as the Block is used to get a player's King out of "Check", whereas the Blockade is used to stop a Pawn advancing any closer to Promotion.

The piece that Blocks the Check, simply steps in between its King and the attacking enemy pieces.

Pawns, with their low-value, are the best pieces to use in Blocking a Check against your King ...

The worst pieces to use? It all depends on what enemy piece is doing the attack - if the enemy is a Knight or Bishop, you wouldn't want to Block with a Rook or Queen, as they're more valuable than Knights and Bishops, respectively.

Where possible, always try and Block a Check with the lowest-value piece available.

With that said, be on guard, about how you position your pieces, as your enemy may try and get you into a situation where your Queen is the only piece available to make the Block and you'll definitely lose your Queen.

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