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You want to see a list of the different Chess Strategies you can adopt.

The following list of Chess Strategies all come from the huge experience of IGM Yasser Seirawan, whose notable achievements include being USA's No.1 Chess Player, having won the US Championships 4 times, as well as claiming victories over Garry Kasparov and Victor Korchnoi respectively.

List of Chess Strategies
[Source: Winning Chess Strategies, by Yasser Seirawan ]

  1. Making the Most of a Material Advantage
  2. Stopping Enemy Counterplay
  3. Understanding Where the Pieces Go
  4. Superior Minor Pieces
  5. How to Use Pawns
  6. The Creation of Targets
  7. Territorial Domination
  8. Attacking the King

Get Yasser's book and you'll be able to read about these Strategies in more detail.

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