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Sacrifice to Gain Victory, Example
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Chess Sacrifices, Chess Tactics, Sacrifice to Gain Victory, example. The Sacrifice to Gain Victory: White's Queen,
(yellow square), exposed to Black's Bg4 after White's Nf3xe5.

The Plan: Entice Black's light-Bishop away from reaching the a2-g8 diagonal. The prize of capturing the enemy Queen hopefully gets Black to ignore the threat from White's three minor Pieces (Nc3-d5, Ne5 & Bc4xf7+), which combine well, to take advantage of weaknesses in Black's defence and the vulnerability of Black's King.

Sacrifice to Gain Victory, Example
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Sacrifice to Gain Victory, Example
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This example starts from Move 3, of Legall's Mate and is proof of how a Sacrifice can lead to Victory, by "Checkmate" ...

Move 3, White brings out his Kingside kNight to f3; Black's thinks he'll stop that Knight's advances with a 'clever' Relative Pin, applied by his Bishop, from g4.

Black's probably thinking: "He ain't going to move his Knight and risk losing his Queen. Ney chance, lad!" ...

Move 4, White calmly brings out his Queenside kNight, to c3; Black advances his g-file Pawn, to g6.

Move 5, White makes his Sacrificial move, by taking his Kingside kNight AWAY from protecting its Queen and captures (x) Black's Pawn, on e5 ...

Black, totally unaware he's just swallowed White's bait, takes his Bishop and captures (x) White's Queen, on d1.

Move 6, White's Bishop, protected by the central Knight, captures (x) Black's Pawn, on f4 and simultaneously puts Black's King in "Check" (+) ...

Black CANNOT capture White's Bishop and is Forced to move to e7, to escape Check.

Move 7, White's Queenside kNight helps to seal the Victory, by leaping forward, onto d5 ...

Black's King is swiftly "Checkmated" in 7 Moves!

White Wins (1-0) and it's thanks, in no small part, to the Queen Sacrifice, on Move 5.

Moving On: Example of a Sacrifice to Avoid Losing (Page 7).

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