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Sacrifice to Gain Position, Example
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Chess Sacrifices, Chess Tactics, Sacrifice to Gain Position, example. The Sacrifice to Gain Position: Black's Pawn,
d7-d5 (yellow square).

The Plan: Black knows that White doesn't have to capture his d-Pawn (exd5). But, if it occurs, Black's Qd8xd5 sees the Queen Gain Position, from her
d-Pawn's sacrifice.

Incidentally, this position, created by Black's d-Pawn, is known as the Elephant Gambit.

Sacrifice to Gain Position, Example
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Sacrifice to Gain Position, Example
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The earliest you're likely to see a Sacrifice for Gaining Positional advantage is within the first few moves of the Opening Phase ...

Gambit Openings are Sacrifices designed to provoke the opposition into, hopefully, Accepting, so you can gain critical Positional advantage.

In this example, you'll see the Accepted line, of the Elephant Gambit ...

Move 1, White's e-file Pawn advances to e4; Black's e-file Pawn advances to e5.

Move 2, White's Kingside kNight jumps out to f3; Black's d-file Pawn advances to d5 ...

That's the Elephant Gambit ... Black is looking to Sacrifice that d-file Pawn in the hope of White Accepting, like this:

Move 3, White's e-file Pawn accepts and captures (x) Black's Pawn, on d5; Black's Queen captures (x) White's Pawn, on d5.

While neither side has captured more material than the other, Black has clearly Gained Positional Advantage, with his Queen and e-file Pawn dominating the critical Small Center of the Board.

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