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KQA - Chess Pictures - Viswanathan Anand - 01

This is 2002 and 2007 World Chess Champion, Viswanathan Anand, taking center-stage at a Simultaneous Exhibition.

KQA - Chess Pictures - Bobby Fischer - 01

Here we have Bobby Fischer, World Chess Champion between 1972-1975, deep in concentration as he decides his next move.

KQA - Chess Pictures - Garry Kasparov - 01

At the board, you see Garry Kasparov assessing his moves. Just uut of shot, controlling Black's army, is Viswanathan Anand.

KQA - Chess Pictures - Yasser Seirawan - 01

This is what Yasser Seirawan might look like if he were partially carbon-frozen (ala Han Solo, in The Empire Strikes Back), yet still defrosted just enough to teach the rebel alliance how to Play Winning Chess.

KQA - Chess Pictures - Chess Statues - 01

Now we get even more random, with this statued geezer, on a bench, next to a chessboard set up with pieces.

KQA - Chess Pictures - Random Chess Players - 01

Here we see two guys playing Chess, outside, in the somewhat, er, grey sunshine.

KQA - Chess Pictures - Stone Chess Bench - 01

And, finally, for now, a Stone Chess Bench ... A nice idea, unless you've got piles.

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