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You want to give your kids some 'Killer Chess Moves' to help them improve their game.

Although Chess is played by thousands of kids across the World, Chess is actually an adult game - a war game ...

Rather than looking for kid-friendly Chess Moves, instead explore with them, all the good Tactics and Strategies that have been explored and used by all elite Chess players.

With your kids, look to Chess Strategies for planning their overall approach to tackling the enemy army and learn the various Chess Tactics, so you can take advantage of the unique positional opportunities, as they occur, at any given point during a game.

Other things you can do include studying the games of elite players (I use a combination of; books, such as Yasser Seirawan's "Winning Chess" series and Fritz 12 to do this).

What you're looking for is to determine what Openings they use; whether they push for an 'Open-' or 'Closed-' Game, etc. ... Remember, "success leaves clues".

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