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You're a parent who wants to help their
kid(s) understand how the game of Chess has developed over the centuries, while they learn to play the game.

On our website, the historical-related pages you'll be interested in are:

  • Who Invented Chess;
  • Medeival Chess;
  • Chess Style Evolution.

All three can be accessed via the main Navigation menu (to the left of your screen) or from the Recommended Links, below.

As to the accuracy of the research, the findings were based on references that can be read on various websites (mainly Wikipedia ) and accounts in books (mainly Yasser Seirawan's Winning Chess series).

When I was compiling the page, Who Invented Chess, I was fully aware that, the further back in time/history you go, the less accurate accounts might be ...

While I could never say it's all ground in 100% fact, it all seemed to 'make sense', as I worked backwards, towards the Gupta Empire of 6th Century India, which various other websites pointed out as being the 'when' & 'where' Chess was invented - albeit in its early form, known as "Chaturanga".

On the subject of teaching kids ... As I write this, I don't yet have any kids of my own, so the best approach I can offer is to come at it from the perspective of a kid ...

If you're a parent, I'd avoid siting your kid down, in front of a website, or a book and make them read it "for their own good" ... Instead, YOU learn the history of Chess; be proactive in playing Chess with your child and, as you play your games, simply drop in little nuggets of history, that you've learnt.

Bit by bit, in their best environment for learning - "play" - your Child will pick it up and be far happier doing so, than if told sit quietly and read an educational book or webpage - to a kid, that's called torture.

To wrap things up, rather than specifically looking for Chess History for Kids, look for those who offer the most-accurate Chess History, full stop. You'll find Links to credible external sources, below, who you'll be able to email for help with which books to get and websites to visit.

Recommended Links:

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