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You want to see the specific Fork Attack, known as a Grand Fork.

A standard Fork Attack sees one Pawn or Piece attack TWO enemy units, in a single move - hence the alternative term "Double Attack", which some use when referring to Fork Attacks.

The following image shows gives an example of a standard "Rook Fork", by White, against Black's Knight and Pawn:

KQA - Tactics - Relative Rook Fork Attack - Animated

By comparison, the Grand Fork attacks the enemy King, Queen and either one or both Rooks - at the SAME time, from ONE move.

This can be seen in the following image::

KQA - Tactics - Chess Grand Fork - Animated

With its unique L-shaped range of movement, the Knight is usually the best of all Pieces for carrying out a Grand Fork Attack, as it's usually "just out of reach" from becoming attacked by one of its 3 or 4 victims.

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