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You've got kids and you want to find a suitable game so your kids can play Chess ...

But, you don't specify whether you want online games, a real Chess set, or a game to play on the computer. So, we'll cover the pros and cons of each, here.

Online Chess Game

Even as a kid, playability is more important than loud and colorful graphics.

A game which strikes a good balance between playability and overall 'looks', is SparkChess, which is free to play in 3D mode.

The movement of the Pawns and Pieces is slick and game environment is decent enough.

I can imagine kids being attracted to the 'green glow' which highlights what square(s) a selected Pawn or Piece can legally move to. However, this feature also serves as handy visual guide, which any beginner will like.

Computer Chess Game

If you'd prefer chess games for kids that can be played on a computer, and if you want something that will grow with your child's Chess-playing ability and personal maturity, Fritz 12 is a wicked bit of software.

Cool, 3D graphics, with a choice of 16 different 3D environments will appeal to all ages; while, the 2D Chessboard makes for more efficient training, for when your child matures and wants to explore Chess more thoroughly.

There's also a selection of visual guides and training aids, which can be turned on or off via the tabbed menu system, to help turn Fritz 12 from a decent looking chess game, into a very sophisticated Chess Training tool.

Proper Chess Set

KQA - Games And Software - Chess Games For Kids - Chess Set

I know we live in a technological society and kids have got computer games coming out of their eye sockets, but, if it were my kid, I'd steer clear of the Chess computer games and software, while they're young.

Instead, I'd recommend you learn to play Chess, which you can do from this very website; then, get a proper Chess Set and teach your kid(s) how to play ...

They'll prefer the tactile nature of picking up and slapping down the Pieces on the Chessboard, far more than click, click, clicking at computer screen.

Software, like Fritz 12, can wait until they're ready to explore Tactics and Strategy, which will probably be between ages 7-12, when their analytical brain begins to develop.

We've take a more indepth look into Kids and Chess, in our Kids Chess Topic article, which you can access via the Recommended Link, below.

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