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You want more information to help you explore the Engame phase.

The majority of Chess games can be split into three distinct phases:

  1. Opening phase.
  2. Middlegame phase.
  3. Endgame phase.

KQA - Endgames - Chess Endgames - Typical ExampleThe Endgame is when you'll most likely see a game of Chess end in "Checkmate".

During the Endgame phase, there'll typically be one or two Pieces remaining on each side, a handful of Pawns, and the two Kings respectively.

Suffice to say, actual amounts, on both sides, will, naturally, vary from game to game.

Checkmate Moves

Once your game transitions from the Middlegame to the Endgame phase, you'll need to have a plan or two for getting at the enemy King and putting him in "Checkmate" (to steal a quote from Hot Shots! Part Deux, "you Win").

From our Checkmate Moves Index page, you'll be able to access strategies for nailing down an uncooperative King.

Begin with learning the five Basic Checkmates and what we call the Shepherding Strategy.

Killer Chess Openings

Sometimes, though, a game of Chess can be Won before both armies have finished what would normally be considered their Opening phase Development.

From our Checkmate Moves Index page, you'll also be able to access a page of examples we've dramatically called Killer Chess Openings ... On a more-mundane billing, these are just sequences where "Checkmate" is achived in the Opening phase.

You'll probably learn just as much from the defeats, as from the victories.

Stalemate Moves

Sometimes, your chess Endgames may not lead you to victory - whether by your opponent's cunning, or your own, self-destructive endeavors.

In Chess, you get 1 point for a Win and 0 for Losing ... But, if you manage to salvage a Draw (a.k.a. "Stalemate"), you'll gain a valuable ½ point, for your game-rescuing efforts.

Visit our Stalemate Moves Index for your "Plan B" - Stalemate strategies.

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