Chess Development "Bits 'n' Pieces":
Part of the Beginner's Chess Guide (Section 2)

Chess Development
"Bits 'n' Pieces"


A Hole is a square that is totally undefended by Pawns and freely availble for control, by either player ... Look out for Holes, as they make for ideal spot for your heavy-duty pieces.

Holes often begin to appear, on the Board, as both sides carry out their own plans for Development - as one piece, then another, is moved; as Pawns are advanced; etc.

Sometimes, they're no real trouble and are just temporary gaps, which become filled, or guarded, by your redeployed troops ...

But, if you're not careful, they can become liabilities, which your opponent may well exploit, by occupying it/them with their own material.

So, keep your eye out for them, both from an offensive AND defensive point of view.

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