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Chess Battery Attack
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Bishops Only Battery Attack
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Chess Battery Attack, Bishops Only.This image shows an example of two Bishops (of the same colour, naturally), forming a Battery Attack on one of their diagonals.

It's only possible through Underpromotion ... though, don't hold your breath waiting to see one in a real game. It's more a theoretical possibility, than a practical likelihood.

Bishops Only Battery Attack
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Bishops Only Battery Attack
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In this clip, as soon as Black's h-file Pawn Promotes to a Bishop, the diagonal Chess Battery Attack, is ON ... The two Black Bishops combine to power-up and heap pressure onto White's Knight.

Black's game is up ... The only two legal moves to make are with the Bishop or b4 Pawn. But, as soon as either moves, Black's Bishop, at the head of the Battery, will capture White's Knight, to slap "Checkmate" on White's cornered King.

Incidentally, White's Knight CANNOT move, as it's held by an Absolute Pin, protecting its King, from Black's d5 Bishop.

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