Bird's Opening:
Example of a Checkmate Opening win for Black's Army

Checkmate in the Opening
Black Wins in 5 Moves
[Bird's Opening]

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Bird's Opening
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5 Moves

Bird's Opening
1. f4

Checkmate Sequence
1. f4 e5 2. fxe5 d6 3. exd6 Bxd6 4. Nf3 g5 5. h3 Bg3#

White's Game-Losing Mistakes

White's game-losing mistakes appear to be ...

  • 2. fxe5, White's f-then-second-e-Pawn has Overextended itself, advancing too far, too soon, without back-up through controlled development.

    Furthermore, it goes off its original f-file to capture Black's e-Pawn, creating the weakness of Doubled Pawns, while also leaving a gaping entrance to Black's now-exposed King.

  • 3. exd6, this Pawn move compounds White's previous mistake, as it allows Black's dark-Bishop to develop with Tempo (3...Bxd6, not only developing the Bishop, but capturing enemy material in the same move).

    White continues to ignore the mounting problem of his exposed King.

  • 4. Nf3, develops the KN to a good square, but this move still doesn't protect his exposed King.

    White would be better playing 3. g3, to block the e1-h4 diagonal to his King, then set about clearing his Queenside back rank, to Castle on that side, since the Kingside Pawn structure will be significantly weakened and no good for keeping the King secure.

  • 4. h3, in many ways, White's biggest blunder, as his focus is on Black's g5-Pawn, and trying to prevent it attacking Nf3, when this move (4. h3) leaves a colossal Hole at g3, which Black's awaiting dark-Bishop uses to complete his early victory (5...Bg3#).

Checkmate Sequence + PGN

Here's how Bird's Opening can lead to a Checkmate Win for Black, in the Opening phase:

[Event "Checkmate Opening - Bird's Opening"]
[Date "2012.02.02"]
[White "?"]
[Black "?"]
[Result "0-1"]
[PlyCount "10"]

1. f4 {Bird's Opening} e5 2. fxe5 d6 3. exd6 Bxd6 4. Nf3 g5 5. h3 Bg3# 0-1

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