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Keyword Query: Can You Move A Chess Piece When In Check
You want to know, when a King is in Check, can you move any of your Pieces.

When a King is in Check, it means an enemy Pawn or Piece is in position to directly threaten that King.

It is a Rule, in Chess, that "Kings CANNOT be left in Check" ...

The player whose King is in Check must stop all other activities and attempt to get their King out of Check ... If this isn't possible, they will Lose the game, by "Checkmate".

So, this brings us onto the issue of whether you can move your Pawns or Pieces, if a King is in Check.

If YOUR King is in Check you CAN move other Pawns & Pieces, BUT the moves can only be to:

  1. Capture the enemy unit that's Checking your King;

  2. Or, block the Check, by moving the Pawn/Piece inbetween your King and said enemy unit.

If your opponent's King is in Check, then your King won't be - so, you can move whichever Pawn or Piece you like ... If you can further capitalize on the Check you've placed on the enemy King, then so much the better.

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KEYWORD: Can You Move A Chess Piece When In Check
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