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Advanced Beginner's Chess Guide

Advanced Beginners Chess Teaser introIf you were a regular visitor to, between March and November 2011, you'll have been left in awe by the sheer amount of, um, nothing added to the website, in that time ...

The last thing I did of any significance was to get the Chess Openings Analyzer (COA) created. This was way back in March 2011. At that point, I was all set to attempt to use it to see if I could use the analysis feedback, based on Yasser Seirawan's principles, to narrow down a series of Openings and Defence Openings that I could focus on, to get my army through to the Middlegame phase, whether I controlled Black's or White's troops.

I'd just completed working my way through Yasser Seirawan's "Winning Chess Openings" book using the Analyzer to look at the many hundred opening sequences (which I've made available from ChessXpress), when I received feedback about the COA software, from an exceptional chap (Ken Wilsdon) over in Canada, who's gone on to become, what I can only describe, as my mentor.

Here, you can read Ken's first email, which was the catalyst for all that's followed since. This is important as it gives you some background info, for what you'll get to read as I build out the Advanced Beginner's Chess Guide.

Point Count Chess, Original Hardback Book ImageIt was during that email that I first became aware of Point Count Chess, by Israel Albert Horowitz and Geoffrey Mott-Smith (or H&M-S, as I refer to them, for short).

Here's a quick review of Point Count Chess, and why I've used it as the basis of the Advanced Beginner's Chess Guide.

Through our hundreds (literally) of emails, Ken is, essentially, the linchpin behind this Advanced Beginner's Chess Guide. Without his extensive knowledge, insight and continued mentoring, would have remained like a funny fat kid allowed on the waterslide (stuck and going nowhere). But, now, I can tell you, we're moving up a level with what's in this guide.

Here, I think it's worth relaying the emails that took place, which led to Ken's mentoring and the discussions that took place, regarding all the principles of chess strategy, as disclosed in Point Count Chess ...

(GW = Graham Wadden; KW = Ken Wilsdon)

So, that takes care of the lead up to our in-depth discussion of the principles of chess strategy, found in Point Count Chess. Over the next few weeks, I'll be writing up what Ken and myself have been discussing and adding it to the website, all of which you'll be able to access right here, from this Advanced Beginner's Chess Guide page.

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