Absolute Queen Pin Attack, Example:
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Absolute Chess Pin Attack
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Absolute Queen Pin, Example
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Chess Pin Attack, Absolute Queen Pin example.The Pin Attack: Absolute Queen Pin by White's Qd1 (red square).

The Victim: On first glance, it appears to be Black's Rd5. But ...

The Result: Victim turns Attacker. White has ill-judged his Pin attack and now faces losing the vulnerable, undefended Queen, to the very piece that the Queen was attacking. Now, ...Rxd1+ puts White in BIG trouble!

Absolute Queen Pin, Example
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Absolute Queen Pin, Example
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In this example, Black attempts to protect his King by moving his Rook in front ...

White sees the opportunity for a Queen Chess Pin Attack, from d1 ...

But, this time Black CAN move his Rook to safety - not by evading capture, but by turning aggressor and capturing White's nutty Queen, which has misjudged her attack and now finds herself without any defender and subject to capture by Rd5!

White's next move will be to move his King out of check, rather than capture that Black's Rook with the Queen and put Black's King in check, as intended.

The moral, here, is ... If you're going to attack, make sure your piece won't be subject to a counter attack.

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