Absolute Rook Pin Attack, Example:
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Absolute Chess Pin Attack
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Absolute Rook Pin, Example
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Chess Pin Attack, Absolute Rook Pin example.The Pin Attack: Absolute Rook Pin by White's Rg8 (red square).

The Victim: White's Nd8

The Result: Black's Knight must remain on its current square. It wants to get to f7, to prevent White's h-Pawn from gaining Promotion on h8), but can't as that would put Black's King in check from Rg8.

So, White's Nd8 remains absolutely pinned.

Absolute Rook Pin, Example
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Absolute Rook Pin, Example
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In this example, Black attempts to protect his King with his Knight ...

This works well for White, who sees an opportunity for a Rook Chess Pin Attack, from g8 ... Now, Black's Knight is Absolutely Pinned where it is, protecting his King from Check by that Rook.

Because Black will have to move other pieces, White now has time to continue advancing his h-file Pawn to its Promotion square, where it'll probably be exchanged for a Queen.

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