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You're looking for a 'Chess Variant' that accomodates 4 players, on the same Chessboard, in the same game.

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This website doesn't really deal with Chess Variants, as such - there's enough going on in standard 2-player Chess games, without adding an extra two armies into the mix.

However, if you've played the standard game of Chess to death and want a fresh outlet, then the challenge of having to deal with an extra two enemies might appeal.

I would imagine the majority of Chess Strategies and Tactics, which you can find on our website, are transferable to the 4-way game ...

The obvious challenge is having to be aware of threats coming from the armies to your left and right respectively.

As for the issue of software, the only online game I could find was at (See Link, below); I didn't find any software which can be downloaded - one may exist, but there weren't any relevant visible websites on the first two pages of Google; you may need to dig deeper.

All other 4-way Chess games are physical Chess Sets.

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