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You want to know a bit about the Human-vs-Computer mode, of the rebranded 3D Chess Game known as SparkChess.

I say 'rebranded', because it started out under the title of Flash Chess III ... After a bit of tarting-up, this very good, free-to-play-online flash game was given a new name: SparkChess.

SparkChess comes in two 'flavors' - free or a paid download.

You're after the 3D version against the computer, right? Well, you're in luck, because that's the default setting for the 'free' version ...

The following video clip shows a quick overview of SparkChess:

If you want 2D mode and ability to analyze your games in greater detail, such as with enhanced 'visual aids', then you'll need to get your wallet out ...

Personally, I'd rather put my money into a more sophisticated Chess Training tool, such as Fritz 12 ... which is what I did - it's well worth the investment.

However, for getting to grips with the Basics, such as how the Pieces move and capture, then the 'free' version of SparkChess will help speed up your learning of Chess, until you're ready to invest in more-hardcore Chess software.

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