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You've heard about the free-to-download Chess Game, called Winboard, which has been created and published under the terms of the General Publich License (GNU) project ... You want to know where to get it, or certainly find out more about it.

Besides SparkChess, another Chess Game that's available for free is Winboard.

Chess Glossary - Computer Chess Game GraphicHowever, whereas you have to pay to download the 2D version of SparkChess, Winboard is only in 2D format, but the whole package is free to download and play on your computer - no need to be connected to the Internet (if this affects you).

The 'Win', in the title, refers to its compatibility with computers running Microsoft's Windows Operating System ...

There is another version, called Xboard, which offers everything that Winboard does, only it's for those with computers running the Linux Operating System.

For Apple lovers, you've got the iPad. Don't be greedy.

The following two video clips shows some of the main features of Winboard / Xboard:

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