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Chess Tactics Teaser - X-Ray AttackWhen we speak of X-Ray capability, we're hinting towards Superman's ability to see through objects, in order to get "sight" of whatever is behind the foreground-screen.

Three different situations can lay claim to the X-Ray moniker, two of them are used as a form of attack, the third is actually used to defend friendly Pawns or Pieces that have come under attack.

X-Ray Attack Index

Following is an example of each of the three Definitions for an X-Ray ...
  1. X-Ray, Definition 1 (page 2)
    X-Ray Attack, Teaser, Definition 1.An Attacking X-Ray
    It's another term for Skewer Attack, which targets the LESS-valuable Pawn or Piece standing behind a MORE-valuable Piece (including the King).

  2. X-Ray, Definition 2 (page 3)
    X-Ray Attack, Teaser, Definition 2.An Attacking X-Ray
    It performs an attack through one or more friendly pieces. You often see a Rook or Queen sitting on a File, waiting for it to be Open, or Half-Open. This is an X-Ray in action.

  3. X-Ray, Definition 3 (page 4)
    X-Ray Attack, Teaser, Definition 3.An Attacking-Defensive X-Ray
    It defends a friendly piece through one or more enemy pieces, while attacking that enemy piece in the process.

    Sometimes, as the saying goes, "attack is the best form of defense".

Chess Tactics- X-Ray Attack - Graphic

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