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You want to know how to record moves using Algebraic Chess Notation.

Step 1: Know the alpha-numeric coordinates given to both Ranks and Files, as shown in the following image:

Annotated Chess System - Algebraic - Naming Squares

Step 2: Know the codes/labels given to the Chess Pieces:

  • N = kNight
  • B = Bishop
  • R = Rook
  • Q = Queen
  • K = King

To record the movement of Pieces, the CAPITAL LETTER is written first, then the square the Piece lands on.

For example: Nc3 = kNight moves to the 'c3' square.

Be aware that Pawns don't have a Capital Letter to identify them ...

The movement of Pawns is recorded with the square reference only ... E.g. c4 means a Pawn has moved to the 'c4' square.

To fully understand Chess Notation, including how to record 'Captures', 'Castling' and 'Pawn Promotion', explore the following Recommended Links.

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KEYWORD: Quick Guide To Recording Chess Moves
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