Offside Pawn Majority:
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Offside Pawn Majority
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After 1.c4, if Black goes with either 1...axb3, or 1...bxc4, one of White's Pawns will become a Passed Pawn, as you can see by playing through the following two sequences:

SEQUENCE 1: After 1. c4 axb3

SEQUENCE 2: After 1. c4 bxc4

Take a look at Diagram 3, below and, from the sequence that follows, we can see an example of an Immobilizing Minority Attack, which removes White's potential advantage for having the Offside Pawn Majority (on the Queenside, as it happens) ...
Offside Pawn Majority, Image 3, Advanced Beginners Chess Guide
Diagram 3: White's Offside Pawn Majority, versus
Black's Minority group, on the Queenside.

White has the Offside Majority on the Queenside, versus Black's Minority Pawn group, in the shape of the a- and d-file pawns.

As you play through the sequence, below, you can see that White's Majority Pawns become immobilized, as not one of them can advance beyond their own 4th Rank, let alone hope to create a Passed Pawn. Play through the following sequence, to see how it happens ...

As a rule of thumb: the Offside Pawn Majority has the advantage if it can be mobilized in such a way that one or more pawns can break through to create a Passed Pawn; whereas, the Minority Attack has the advantage if it can immobilize the adverse pawns, preventing any advance or successful creation of a Passed Pawn.

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