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As White starts each game, Black is the army said to play on the "Counter" so, at best guess, you want to study Quick Checkmate examples with Wins for Black.

Famous 'Mates (Quick Chess Games)

There are some famously quick games, where players win in 10 Moves or less. We have eight of these examples on our website (see the Links, below) ... Focussing on Black's Wins, you'll want to take a look at the following games:

  • Blackburne Shilling Mate;
  • Fool's Mate;
  • Hippopotamus Mate;
  • Smothered Mate (King's Pawn);
  • Smothered Mate (Queen's Pawn).

Killer Chess Openings

While not as quick as those Famous 'Mates, if you're interested in studying sequences where Checkmate occurs in the Opening phase - so, still fairly quick - then you'll want to click the Link, below, to our page "Killer Chess Openings".

There, you'll find 12 examples with Wins for Black.

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KEYWORD: Counter Quick Checkmate
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