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Forced Sacrifice, Example
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Chess Sacrifices, Chess Tactics, Forced Sacrifice example.Historical Game:
Tal Memorial Tournament, 2006

The Forced Sacrifice: White's Qd3 (yellow square)

The Reason: Black's Re1 has White's King in Check. White would have no choice but to get his King out of check with Rd1xe1. But, that sacrifices White's Queen to ...Qc4xd3.

It's the lack of choice which makes it a Forced Sacrifice.

Forced Sacrifice, Example
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Forced Sacrifice, Example
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Historical Game:
Aronian-Svidler, Tal Memorial Tournament, 2006

In the actual game, Aronian (White) makes a blunder, on Move 24, which triggers a sequence ending in his own Resignation.

Here's the build-up to Black's victory ...

Move 22, White's Bishop drops down to g5; Black's c-file Pawn advances to c5.

Move 23, White's Queen captures (x) Black's Pawn, on d3; Black's c-file Pawn captures (x) White's Pawn, on d4.

Move 24, White's e-file Pawn captures (x) Black's Pawn, on d4; Black's Rook drops all the way down to e1 ...

Not only is this an Absolute Skewer, it's also a Sacrifice that Wins Black the game, as White's subsequently Resigns.

White Resigns Because ...

Move 25, White's Rook is Forced to capture (x) Black's self-Sacrificing Rook, on e1, in order to get his King out of Check.

White knew that he'd have no choice and, in the aftermath, Black's Queen would capture the White Queen ...

White would be at a serious disadvantage, so Resigns.

Black was able to win the game, firstly, because of White's blunder, on Move 24 - but, more significantly, because of the Forced Sacrifice, initiated by Black's Rook going to e1.

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