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Your query is aimed at a specific rule that triggers 'Stalemate' through through 3-time Repetition of Positions.

Picture the scene, in a game of Chess ...

You have one player who is getting beaten; his King is in a tricky position but can avoid losing the game, as long as he keeps moving the King out of the Checks that his opponent keeps placing upon it.

As for his opponent, no way does he want to let the enemy King escape, which will happen if he chooses to move an alternative piece ... So he keeps on using his one piece to continue putting the enemy King in "Check" after "Check" after "Check" after "Check" after ... and so on.

If the game was played for high stakes (i.e. a large wodge of cash), neither side would want to lose, so it's conceivable the same moves could be made, time and again until one dropped from the sheer exhaustion of prolonged concentration.

The 3-time Repetition of Position Rule was created to put a stop to this potential, long, drawn-out saga - especially with Chess becoming big business as a spectator sport.

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KEYWORD: Chess Rules 3 Checks In A Row
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