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Chess Openings Analyzer [Beta v1.0]
[COA Analysis and About the COA]

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Chess Openings Analyzer [Beta v1.0]
Now released with a Creative Commons License ...
You are free to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format; and if you think you can make it better, you're welcome to remix, transform, and build upon the material, for any purpose, even commercially.

Why have I done this?
Quite simply, I don't have the knowledge of the programming languages needed, to try and improve it myself; I don't have the time to learn the programming languages that help make software interactive, and I don't have the financial resources to throw endless money at a programmer. It's currently not looking the way it originally did. I'd paid a programmer to create it in a mix of HTML, CSS and Javascript, as I felt the anybody would be able to download it and try it, as all they'd need was a web browser.

But, a short while after it had been created, web browsers were updated by their respective developers, and it messed up the look of the Chess Openings Analyzer - if you've downloaded it, you'll see that the chess pieces don't sit properly on their squares, and the different analysis overlays are affected in a similar way. If that doesn't annoy you, well, it should, it annoys the heck out of me, (especially when viewed in Microsoft's Internet Explorer; they seem do things "differently" to the likes of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, and not in a good way - if you've got Chrome or Firefox open, just bring up Internet Explorer, and see how their code has "bodged-up" the look of the sign-up form, below).

If you've got programming experience and fancy playing about with it, you're very welcome to pull it apart and do what you do best.

Download COA [Beta v1.0]

Downloading COA's Zip Folder (Important!!)

Once you've signed-up to download the Chess Openings Analyzer (COA)...
  1. Right-click on the zip folder.
  2. Select "Extract All"
  3. Open the extracted folder
  4. Double-click the HTML file: coa_beta-v1-0
  5. The COA v1.0 should open in your primary Web Browser.
  6. See the videos for how to use: How it Works
If you don't do the extraction bit, you will not be able to type or copy & paste anything into the sequence viewer.
* based on teachings from Yasser Seirawan,
in his Winning Chess series of books.

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COA [Beta v1.0] Analysis

  1. Analysis of Named Chess Openings
    Openings were only given names if played by prominent Chess players, or there was something other significant factor (perhaps a place where a notable game took place). So, those are the ones I've focussed on.

    Openings analyzed by the COA [Beta v1.0] include Classic King Pawn Opening lines (1. e4 e5), Classic Queen Pawn Openings (1. d4 d5), among others.

  2. Analysis of Gambit Chess Openings
    The aim of a Gambit is to offer up material, usually a Pawn, as sacrificial "bait". The result of an Accepted Gambit is the opponent (the one who "takes the bait") gets a free capture ... The Gambit "setter" - the one who offered the sacrificial Pawn or Piece - gets to snatch a lead in development.

  3. Analysis of Irregular Chess Openings
    Any first move, made by White, that provides less potential advantages than the more common King Pawn, Queen Pawn, and Flank Openings, respectively.

    The following are all Irregular Openings:
    1. a3, 1. a4, 1. b4, 1. c3, 1. d3, 1. e3, 1. f3, 1. g4, 1. h3, 1. h4, 1. Na3, 1. Nc3, 1. Nh3

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About the COA [Beta v1.0]

  1. COA [Beta v1.0]: How It Analyzes The Openings
    The Analyzer's methods for analyzing positions and looking for advantages on the Chessboard are all based on ideas, advice and teachings from Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan, in his Winning Chess series of books. This way for more details...

  2. COA [Beta v1.0]: Videos » How It Works
    Videos cover all aspects of how the COA works ... Overview, Quick Start, The Seven Analysis Elements, Position Results Stats Box, Interactive Chessboard, Copying Into COA, and From COA into Other Chess Programs, and Manually Inserting Moves into the Sequence Viewer

  3. COA [Beta v1.0]: Known Bugs / Issues
    This current prototype version of the Analyzer is not perfect and has a few issues that need explaining...

  4. COA [Beta v1.0]: Learn More About It.
    Explains, in a tad more detail, why I had this Chess Openings Analyzer created.

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