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Chess Forums Forum
This is my current favorite Chess Forum. There's a much wider group of Chess enthusiasts here, meaning there's more to help analyze your games and point out where you might be going wrong (it all adds to your learning and Chess-improvement).
This was the first Chess Forum I experienced. It's not bad; for the most part, you get your Chess queries answered fairly quickly.

Chess Databases
This is where I go when I want to research Openings played by elite & professional Chess Players. I also use these games as I train my chess-brain to spot Tactics, Combinations, and the like.

Chess Openings Explorer
Here, you get to click on a move and it'll give you statistics based on the percentage of players who've won/lost with the move. With each move, the database comes back with next possible moves - each with their own stats - until the sequence is exhausted.

General Chess Websites

Chess Musings Blog
Ben's Blog is a growing collection of his "Musings of a Chess Enthusiast".

Free Chess Lessons @ Chess Genius Prophecy
A chess website which provides strategies, tips and advice on chess.

Staunton Chess Sets
A website dedicated to the influential chess player of the 19th Century, Howard Staunton, and an insight into the story of classic chess piece design. Smart-looking website, too!

The Chess Set Blog
Gordon Stockton's site has been created to unravel the complicated subject of chess sets. With so many countries, manufactures, importers and retailers now selling chess sets it's becoming increasingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff when searching for the right chess set.

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